What Are The Ingredients For Hand Tossed Pizza?

In Belfast, the hand tossed pizza is not less than a star because most of the people prefer this pizza over any other type. Also, a lesser known fact that the process of tossing the base and making of a hand tossed pizza by the professionals is a treat to the eyes. You can visit any of the best pizza restaurants in Belfast which also provide the services of showing their customers that how their pizza is made. However, before the mouth watering show, you need to know about the basic ingredients of a hand tossed pizza.

These are the basic ingredients of hand tossed pizza:

Fresh dough – The base of any kind of pizza is its freshly prepared dough. Although, pizza bases are of two types, viz. thick and thin crust, but most of people prefer their hand tossed pizza in thin crust. It is prepared with wheat flour, soybean oil, yeast, salt, water and a little bit of corn flour to give the crunch to the crust.

Cheese – You know there are numerous kinds of cheese all over the world but when you are talking about a hand tossed pizza then nothing fits better than a freshly made part skim mozzarella cheese. It is a very soft cheese and it melts very smoothly when it goes in your mouth.

Sauce and toppings – this is a customizable part because every restaurant and food chain has their special mix of sauce and that’s what makes all of their pizzas different in taste. You can ask your restaurant’s chef to put your favorite toppings or you can try some different toppings like pineapple or pickle.